There are numerous types of washing machines in the market, and the best machines tend to give perfect results and help you through loads after loads of washing for many years to come. Buying a laundry machine is not a small investment all you need to do is buy the best machine in your budget range and do a little research before purchasing.

When you are saving for a new laundry machine, there is a lot of options you should look at other than checking on how well the machine cleans. For starters, you should think about the machine you need, a traditional loader that doesn’t have an agitator present or even a front loader, other than these there are other options to look at as mentioned below that will help you in selecting a laundry machine that is efficient and durable.

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Other than the washer’s external size, you should also think about the scale of the drum found inside the machine. Except for small units, which often have a drum in the two cubic range, most standard size front and the top load washer drums nowadays range from approximately four to five cubic feet. Which is an excellent range for an average eight-pound load? However, when the washing drum is near five cubics, it is more easy and efficient to wash large loads.


Different machines come with different dimensions, features, and even functional capability. Therefore price varies depending on the type of washer you want to buy. However, before buying the machine, you should always check on its warranty policy, read the manual and understand it so as to use your new laundry machine efficiently.

Cleaning challenges

If you have clothes that need special care, then that calls for a Delicates cycle. Allergens and stains demand steam. It is, therefore, important to get a machine that can be able to answer the challenges that you face every day.

Water and electricity consumption

Front loaders use relatively less water compared to traditional top loaders, for you need to fill it up for both rinses and wash cycles entirely. You should opt for an Energy Star model that reduces water and electricity use by thirty-five percent and twenty percent respectively, over other models that are not rated. However, always put in mind that your true costs will differ, based on the utility cost in the area and your usage.


You should get a quiet laundry machine mostly if you are going to set it up near a sleeping or living area. However, you should check the washer for vibration reduction and improve suspension to reduce noise.

Type of laundry machines

Front-loading washer

If you do a lot of washing in a week and have dirty laundry, you can make your work easier and lessen the number of loads with this machine.

Traditional top-loading washer

If you are the kind of person who is not picky and does not feel the need to change every wash setting and still doesn’t want to use a lot of money on a machine, then this washer is ideal for you.

High Efficient (HE) front-loading washer

lknaslkvnslkdvnklsndvlknsadlvknlskadnvasdvasdThis machine combines the front-loader functionality with a design of the traditional top-loader.