Find the best toilet for your bathroom


Despite serving a very basic and singular, toilets and toilet designs have significantly changed over the last few centuries. Some developments and innovations involved changing the toilet’s shape or size, whereas others changed or modified the basic model. Some of the most notable changes and additions include adding, hiding or separating a cistern, or adding various flushing mechanisms.

They introduced to improve the style and fashion of the toilets, as well as offer more comfort and luxury. These days, modifications are not so much focused on style and look as much as they are focused on reducing the usage of water, With a flushing mechanisms, and, in general, reducing the water bills.

A myriad of options

These days, people can choose from a wide variety of toilet models. These can include one piece toilets, circular, or elongated toilets, single flush or dual flush.

When choosing the perfect toilet for your bathroom, you should try to base your decision on a number of factors. If you want to avoid making a bad purchase, make sure to pay close attention to the following.

The amount of water per flush

22Also known as Gallon flush, this refers to the amount of water that gets flushed away the moment you press the button. The majority of standard toilets have a Gallon-per-flush value of 1.6, whereas high-efficiency ones have around 1.28.

One-piece or Two piece toilets

In most cases, two-piece toilets are considerably cheaper than one-piece models. When it comes to the strength and durability, one-piece toilets have an edge, since they do not feature connecting parts which can break down and cause leakage problems. However, in terms of flexibility and versatility, two-piece models come as a better option, mainly because their cisterns have a much more convenient placement.


These days, the majority of regular toilets have an average height of around 14 to 15 inches. If you intend to replace your old toilet with a new one, make sure to check its height and compare it with the new one. You can also easily find comfort height toilets and models that are more than 18 inches high, as well. The latter ones are usually designed for handicapped or elderly people.

Round or elongated bowls

More often than not, there is not a notable size difference between these models. In most cases, elongated bowls are around two inches longer than round ones. In general, your choice here should depend on your personal design and style preference. You can opt for whatever pleases your eye and fits the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Wall-hung or corner toilets

33If you are concerned about the available space in your bathroom, your best options would probably be the corner or wall-hung toilets. The corner ones will be most appropriate because they feature an angled tank, which can be easily placed in any corner. On the other hand, wall-hung toilets may come as a better option, if you want to achieve a cleaner look, as their cisterns can be concealed behind a fake wall.